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  1. This blog started as a way for me to share my story about how I suffered for 15 years with IBS, but has turned in to (what I hope is) a life long repository of common sense health for the colorectal system.
    From the truth about fiber, to smoothies, natural cures, dieting, super foods and so much more.

    How poorly we treat the digestive system with all of it's pro's and con's is just the tip of the imence mountain of wrongs that our bodies endure daily. I like to tell people, our bodies are not stupid, they know what harm we do to them daily.

    In presenting the following humble attempt at health-writing to the reader, I am selfish enough to admit a preference for your tender mercy rather than for your critical judgment. I would ask you to remember that there are many almost insurmountable difficulties to be faced in the accomplishment of a work like this, and with narrowed time spans and the inkling for instant satisfaction as well as the fact that many of my theory's fly in the face of conventional wisdom, this adds to rather than diminishes from your antagonistic power.

    When I first started this work almost a decade ago, it was imagined that the subject could be fully disposed of in less than a few hundred pages. I have already gone considerably over that number by thousands within my "should be" published file, and feel that the charge of incompleteness may still be brought against my work.

    But I also feel that if I have (I hope) many more years to extended it to five, ten and twenty thousand pages, and still the charge could be made, for with such a subject actual exhaustion cannot be expected; and so, despite the great quantity of unused material I have yet by me, I must rest satisfied for the day with what I have done. I trust the reader will be satisfied also for this time, as I hope you will be back soon.

    What You Are Not Told About Fiber
    May Be Killing You..

    No, I’m not eating more fiber. In fact, I'm cutting most of the fiber from my diet and only eating a maximum of 3g natural fiber a day. I will tell you why I believe fiber is very dangerous and how it causes many illnesses.

    Now, I know what you are thinking....

    Fiber is great! Fiber is recommended by EVERYONE! Without fiber I would not be regular. The TV commercials sell fiber, so it must be healthy.

    That is how I used to think, before I got sick and stayed sick for 15 years. I hope you read my story, and then form your own opinion. I am sure I will not convince everyone, but if there is a chance you can stop or reverse your colorectal illness' by reading this book, isn't that worth a few hours of your time?

    There Is A Good Chance
    Fiber May Be Killing You..

    It seems everyone today is selling some kind of hemorrhoid cure-all book. This book is not only free, it does not push that same old refried garbage everyone else  wants you to believe.

    There are no sitz baths, exercising or drinking more water "cures" in this book. Delving deep into WHY hemorrhoids actually occur, the Colorectal Reboot book is eye-opening to say the least.

    Get yours absolutely free today.

    How to Juice and
    Smoothie for
    Hemorrhoid Health

    Without spending a bundle

    Weather you want to lose weight, stop IBS and other colorectal disorders or just get healthier,
    the Juicing Guide to Colorectal Health can do that for you. This eBook provides an overview of the dangers of fiber and how fiber adversely affects normal bowel movement causing many problems such as hemorrhoids.


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